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What Our Team Says...


"Kahn's Catering is hands down one of the best places I have ever worked. Once trained and knowledgeable of procedures, the typical day was quick-paced, active, and extremely collaborative. Each shift comprised of individuals with varying skills and work ethics, but together guided by the captain, everyone succeeds.  I wouldn't trade this job for anything."

More About Us

Catering is more than just a job in foodservice. Our work is part of some of life’s most important milestone events.  We have a great team and culture that allows high-performers to thrive.


Our Culture

We have a heart for what we do, and it’s reflected in our culture

Our Team

Our people make the difference in the quality of food, beverage and service that we provide

Our Work

Catering isn’t an easy job, but those who love working for Kahn’s Catering find the environment exciting and rewarding

Our Commitment

Whether working part-time or full-time with us, we know you can choose to work anywhere. When you choose Kahn’s Catering, we want to be sure we reflect our commitment to you, too.

  • Caring for others is an art, and we and we are passionate about the service we give others

  • We take pride in executing events at the city's landmark venues

  • Like you, we care about our impact on the environment and work to be sustainable in our business practices

  • We work to reflect integrity in every relationship

  • We are a team of strong and determined people who know that we can achieve more by working together

  • Motivated to be the best at our jobs, we do “whatever it takes” to ensure great food and service

  • Our team genuinely cares for our guests and takes great care in the service we provide

  • No matter who you are, you can be sure you will feel safe working with our diverse team

  • Serving/bartending jobs are a very physical role in the catering environment and a great fit for high-energy people who thrive off of constantly being busy

  • If you like change, you’ll appreciate our dynamic work environment, as each catering event is unique

  • It’s rewarding and exciting to see an event come together and be a part of the finished product

  • Kahn’s Catering is great place to grow, we provide orientation and training to make you a success

  • We are committed to promoting from within and work to elevate motivated team members from part time to full time when possible 

  • Committed to safety, we strive to provide an environment that is safe for you in terms of work locations, physical safety, health and a welcoming, supportive workplace

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